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Local Habitat

Brushtop Farm makes use of lots of custom made equipment to efficiently handle flowers in volume. For example water buckets are not handled separately, but in racks of 16, which are moved by pallet jacks. Our double length pallet jack moves 32 buckets at a time, which lets us get processed flowers quickly into the coolroom.

This older photo (check out the afro) shows our old dry harvesting hoppers on trolleys in the background - a very fast system for doing Leucadendrons in bulk. Recently we've been using water bucket racks, with added wheels to get them on and off the custom picking trailer, to cut flowers straight into water in the field. This is great for improving the vase life of proteas such as our king proteas.

Just off to the right of the photo is the custom modified sorting machine, which grades flowers to length, and re-cuts the stem to go back into water - eliminating any airlocks in the stem formed during processing, allowing them to  be properly hydrated for shipping.

Could go on and on with all the equipment - might add more later.
Might consider selling some surplus equipment to other growers. (Email info@).

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