We strive to produce top quality flowers in an environmentally responsible way. By not spraying chemicals for several years, our plantation has reached a balance of insect life which controls insect damage better than chemicals ever did! Then we just mulch anything that doesn't come up to grade, so you only get the best, and because we don't waste time trying to tidy up damaged stems you'll get a good price too.

We currently sell 95% of our flowers through Shima Trading in Japan.

We occasionally sell some through East Coast Wildflowers in the Sydney Flower Markets

Our farm from an older google earth image. It does not show the new "Illawarra Fly" Tree Top Walk tourist attraction located just to the left of the yellow tack. There are numerous photos linked to it on google earth.

 Our Plantation was designed to fit around existing trees, with thousands of extra trees planted for windbreaks and special runoff and sediment trap dams incorporated to protect the nearby Minnamurra River catchment, as well as recharge the groundwater to keep our spring flowing. 

 Brushtop Farm

Our Logo, which can be seen in the markets. All of our different growers flowers used to go under the one "Harris Park" Logo, But now we aim to supply our Japanese customers with information on each grower, to develop the growers pride in their product and keep quality standards high.


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